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Kids Skate Shoes

If you're looking for a fresh pair of kids’ skate shoes for an avid skateboarder or a kid that simply likes fashionable, versatile shoes, the popular skate style is our top choice.

Kids’ skate shoe styles are on-trend and offer many different designs. There’s a unique skate shoe design for every little one here at Shoe City. If your kid is serious about skating and is practicing day in and day out, finding the best quality kids’ skate shoes is key to keeping their feet well-protected and secure on the board. 

A skate shoe is made specifically for skating as a sport. First, in skating, you'll need to feel your board, so the shoe's sole can't be too thick. The insole technology is made to withstand maximum impact. Skate shoes are also designed to be more durable, as they are out on the road most of the time, and they should provide good grip too. They will also provide adequate heel support and protection. Suede is the most popular material upper, as it deals better with friction than other materials. 

At Shoe City, we stock popular skate shoe styles here like Heelys, Converse, DC, and Vans, ensuring a wide variety of designs to satisfy every kid's preferences. Kids’ skate shoes are super versatile. You can wear them from the skate park and throughout the rest of the day. 

Shop our range for the most comfortable, and durable kids’ skate shoes to complement every kid’s unique style.

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