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Women's Flats

Flats offer everything you want in footwear. They are comfortable, stylish and available in many designs that can complement any outfit. In addition, womens flats are a healthy option for feet since they do not place additional pressure that can cause pain. From flip flops, pointed toes, open-toed, rounded toes and closed toes, you can always turn to flats to match any occasion. 

For people who are always on the go, womens flats are the practical choice. You can wear them for longer durations while still feeling relaxed. Plus, you do not have to worry about rain and uneven areas since flat shoes provide a firmer grip on surfaces. 

Shoe City has over 35 retail stores located in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino counties. We have been open for more than 30 decades, offering high-quality shoes that look and feel great on the feet. Now, we recreate what we have done for our customers in Southern California through Thanks to our website, we can now accept national and international orders for all types of footwear. So, whether you need flats, heels or boots, we have a perfect pair of shoes for you. Our collection includes footwear that goes with T-shirts, jeans and dresses.

Shoe City regularly updates our shoe selection to include the latest styles from every brand we carry so that we can serve all your fashion needs. Remember to check back for new items on stock! For a variety of options, you can browse our collection of womens flats below.

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