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Shape Ups

Women's shape ups are perfect if you're looking to increase the muscle tone in your calf, hamstring, core, and gluteus muscles while walking. Recently quite popular, many different brands are now offering this kind of shoe. As a result, shape ups are becoming fashionable for walkers aiming to target specific areas while working out.

Women's shape up shoes have a built-up sole that brings your center of gravity to a forward position. Some of these shoes do this by having rocker-bottom soles. It is this that makes your hamstrings, gluteus, calf, and core start firing, as you constantly need to work to maintain your balance. As you can imagine, these make a great addition to any workout routine by challenging your balance while working out. 

Rocker bottom shoes are also useful for other reasons, and depending on where the rocker's thickest point is placed, they can be restorative for particular foot issues. For example, if the rocker bottom is behind the ball of your foot, it puts less pressure on this area and the big toe. When the rocker point is thicker at the back of the shoe, your ankle and midfoot motion are restricted, limiting the pressure on the heel of your foot. Essentially, rocker bottoms can help treat patients with certain foot conditions. 

Here at Shoe City, you can take your pick from our range of women's shape ups. When you're searching our selection, make sure you choose a shoe that will offer a good fit. Take measurements to ensure you choose correctly. 

We are here to help you choose the best pair of women's shape ups to support your walking and workouts. Browse through our range of quality women's running shoes. We've got you covered from Sketchers, Altra, Hoka, and MBT.

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