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Men's Boots

Rugged, stylish, hard-wearing, and comfortable, that's what makes boots a great option for various occassions. One of the most effortless pieces to add to your wardrobe, boots are practical and provide support and warmth through long and cold days.

We know that you’re looking for quality and durability in men's boots. So, if you're looking for boots for severe weather, go for chunky, leave the Chelsea or chukkas at home, and look for a pair with leather uppers. This will help stretch and move with the shape of your feet, offering maximum comfort. Leather has the bonus of being water-resistant. Look for something more substantial like rubber for a good sole, especially if you're outdoors a lot. 

Many versatile styles are available here at Shoe City, starting with the ever-popular Chelsea boots. Easy to slip on and great if you're working in an office or going out at night. They are smart, slim-fit, and work perfectly with formal pants or jeans. A year-round winner. Also, in the more casual style of boots, suede chukka boots are a popular style of ankle boots. These are more popular in summer, but they can be worn in any weather. They have rubber soles, suede leather uppers, are lightweight, and have excellent grip.

If you're looking for a durable pair of men’s boots, combat boots are a great choice. Usually made from hardened and reinforced leather, these are popular for all kinds of occasions. Of course, work boots are a category of their own. They are made for standing all day and are excellent for the outdoors, which means they are not only comfortable, but will keep your feet dry and supported. And they are rugged enough to protect your feet, too. 

Have a look at our quality range of men's boots from the brands that we love.

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