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Men's Walking

If you're looking for comfy men's walking shoes for walking long distances, exercise, training, and other low-impact activities, good supportive men's walking shoes make all the difference. 

The range of brands we offer put your comfort first in their design. A couple of questions to ask yourself when fitting new shoes. Is your heel supported, and does it feel snug? Is the toe box wide enough to give your toes room? Are your arches well supported? Are the shoes lightweight? Is there good traction? How is the shock-absorbing cushioning? Is the shoe flexible? 

Even though walking isn't as rigorous as running, your body still needs sufficient support. Although walking and running shoes are similar, walking shoes are usually more lightweight and flexible than running shoes which are slightly heavier and non-flexible. Our range of men's walking shoes offer similar qualities to running shoes. These include cushioned midsoles for absorbing impact while on the move. They are made of lightweight, breathable material. Their durable overall materials will last for many miles, and they will lace up to secure the shoe well. 

Of course, finding the right fit is essential. Your shoes—both walking and running shoes—should have about a thumb's width of space between the end of your big toe and the front of the shoe. Upgrade your men’s walking shoes to ensure you are getting the proper protection and comfort to keep your body healthy while you exercise. 

We stock all-time-favorite men's walking shoes, have a look at our range. We've got you covered, from New Balance and Hoka to Sketchers, ASICS, and more.

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