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Women's Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are an essential in many women’s closets. The challenge is that some heels can be very uncomfortable. You shouldn’t have to give up your comfort to complete your outfit with the perfect pair of heels. Having supportive and comfy women’s dress shoes means you can look and feel your best on any occasion. 

Let's take a look at what makes a women’s dress shoe comfortable and how to go about choosing the right pair for you.

Heel height and size of the toe box are important to consider. This is because a height above three inches compromises your posture support and balance. If you're looking for a heel that will provide support for standing for long periods, opt for a block heel at three inches or less. A wider toe box is beneficial as it gives your foot enough space to expand during the day. And remember, if you have wide feet, pointy pumps may not provide maximum comfort. Instead, look for shoes with a round or square toe box. There are plenty of popular styles of women’s dress shoes that can offer this. If you’re in search of arch support, many brands offer women's dress shoes with arch support and heel stabilization that can pair with every outfit. 

Browse our range of comfortable dress shoes from wedge heels to slip-on flats and more. We have stylish and comfy choices for you by popular brands that put your comfort first.

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