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Q: How to convert men's shoe sizes to women's shoe sizes?

As a general rule, converting men's to women's shoe sizes is fairly simple: you would subtract one and half sizes from your U.S. women's size to find the appropriate size in U.S. men's shoes.

Q: How to Keep my Feet from Sliding Forward in My Shoes?.

There are a couple of different inserts that help prevent blister-causing friction, but also help to keep your feet in place inside your shoes.
Some people use double-sided tape. But if you go that route, be sure to use something that is safe for skin contact, like toupee tape.

Q: How to break in a pair of heels?

Stretch them out... even if you have narrow feet your shoes still need to stretch. Put on a pair of cotton socks (not too thin and not too thick) and slip on your heels. Walk around the house for about 30 minutes a few nights in a row and they should be stretched to perfection.

Slippery ... To prevent this, you should rough the soles with some sand paper or buy non-slick pads that stick to the sole.

Q: How to buy the perfect athletic shoes?

You want to keep in mind the type of running and workouts you're doing to find the right shoes. Running on pavement is different than running on a trail with crazy obstacles like rocks and muddy puddles. Pavement is a hard, even surface so you'll want to find shoes that are lighter and more flexible.

While shoes for trail running will have a different tread on the sole and offer different support for your feet and back. But what if you're the treadmill runner slash gym rat or Cross fitter? In this type of workout you'll want to find a pair of shoes that gives you more contact with the ground.

Your foot size matters. You'll notice across the board that shoe size varies by manufacturer and can even vary by model. Depending on the shoe, keep in mind that you may need to go up or down a size to a size and a half. Try on shoes on at the end of the day. After a long day on your feet, they are usually a bit more swollen than at the start of the day. So trying on shoes when they're swollen will help you in finding shoes that fit because they can swell while exercising. Whatever you do, leave about a thumb space between your big toe and the shoe. This will ensure you have wiggle room while running. If the shoe fits a little snug in the width, try a half size up because you want to avoid rubbing and blisters.

A good pair of athletic shoes should last you about 9 months. If you're doing active running take that number down to 3-4 months; that's about 400-500 miles of running. If your workout game is sporadic, then a good way to tell if you're due for a new pair is by checking the soles. You'll notice if the mid-soles and outsoles are worn; if they are, then it's time to swap them out for a fresh pair.

Q: How to get the Right Fit in Kids' Shoes?

Have your children's feet measured when buying shoes, since what might seem comfortable to them for a minute or two in the store is very different from what will be comfortable after a day of playing. Feet should be measured while standing, and always have both feet measured. Since one foot is usually larger than the other, buy shoes to accommodate the largest of the two feet. When your child is wearing the shoes, and their feet are fully extended, there should be a bit of room between the edge of the shoe toe and the edge of your child's toes - about a half inch.

With the rate children outgrow shoes, it's tempting to buy shoes that are too big, but you should never buy shoes that are more than one size too large for your child. Shoes that are too big can potentially cause a child to trip or even develop foot problems.

Q: How to Clean Bearpaw and other sheepskin boots?

• Wetting the Boots - Dampen the entire boot with water. Be careful not to soak. Make sure that the boot is evenly wet so as not to create water rings or water marks later on.

• Cleaning the Suede Upper - Put a small amount of suede cleaner and water on a soft, damp cloth. Create a lather on the cloth by rubbing it together. Work this lather onto the surface of the boot and gently clean the entire outer portion of the boot. Rinse the boot thoroughly after cleaning. You may also use a sponge or a soft brush in cleaning, but do not to use a wire brush or a coarse brush because these could scratch the suede. Never put suede cleaner directly onto the boot. Also, be careful not to transfer any of the suede cleaner on to the sheepskin while cleaning and rinsing the boot.

• Cleaning the Sheepskin Lining and Trim - Cleaning sheepskin is the same as cleaning suede, except a special sheepskin shampoo is needed. Use this product to gently clean the sheepskin lining and sheepskin trim on Bearpaw and other sheepskin boots. Rinse the boot again after cleaning. Do not use a wire brush for sheepskin, never put the product directly onto the sheepskin, and be careful not to get any of the product on the suede portion of the boots.

• Drying the Boots - Place the boots in a well-ventilated area and let them dry naturally. Stuff them with unprinted paper, paper towels, or a rolled up towel so that they don’t lose their shape while drying. You may also hang them upside down on a boot stand. Never place your boots under the sun or a direct heat source. These could damage and discolor your sheepskin boots.

• Protecting Your Boots - After your boots are all nice and dry, protect them with a stain and water repellent spray. Doing so will protect the surface of your boots from stains, dirt, and mud and will also make the cleaning process easier the next time.

Q: How to clean sneakers?

  • 1. Remove shoelaces and any inserts from the sneakers. You can clean the laces with a load of regular laundry and then let them air dry.
  • 2. Mix a solution of mild soap and water (dishwashing liquid works well). You may also use commercial cleaner designed for sneakers, but make sure it is compatible with whatever your sneakers are made from (i.e. canvas, rubber, leather).
  • 3. Clean the inside and outside of your sneakers and inserts with the soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Rinse everything with clean water and use a paper towel to soak up any excess moisture. Do not clean your sneakers in the washing machine unless they are designed as washable. The heat and moisture could possibly ruin your shoes.
  • 4. Stuff the sneakers with paper towels. This helps them keep their shape as they dry. You may also use a shoe tree to keep their shape, but it may take them longer to dry since nothing will be soaking up moisture from the inside.
  • 5. Let the sneakers and inserts air dry in a well-ventilated area. Make sure to replace the paper towels as they become soaked with water. Do not dry your sneakers in the dryer—this could cause damage to the rubber soles and linings.
  • 6. Once everything is dry, replace the shoelaces and inserts. If your sneakers have any scuffs, use a commercial shoe dye product
  • 7. Sprinkle some baking soda into your sneakers to soak up any odor that might have lingered.

Q: How to remove stains from canvas shoes?

• For dirt stains, place some shampoo on a toothbrush or nail brush and scrub the dirt stain. Use a wet sponge to wipe away the shampoo residue.
• For grass stains, make a soapy solution with dish soap and water. Dip a nail brush or toothbrush in the solution and scrub the stain away. If any stain remains, you can use nail polish remover as described in the next step.
• For grease stains or tar, use nail polish remover. Dip a cotton ball or cotton swab in nail polish remover and rub the stain until it is removed. It is best to use a clear nail polish remover to avoid any potential staining from the dyes in colored solutions. Nail polish remover can also be used to remove any grass stains.
• General stains –oxygen bleach can be used to remove some kinds of stains from canvas shoes. Apply the oxygen bleach to a nail brush or toothbrush and scrub the stain until it is removed.

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Q: Are Shoe City gift cards redeemable for cash?

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