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Women's Wide Width Shoes

Only about a third of everyone wears the correct shoe size. One of the main reasons for this is that some people have wide feet. Wide feet are a common foot condition that often leads to people wearing the wrong size footwear, which can cause significant problems.

How do you know if you need to be wearing women's wide width shoes? One of the key alarm bells is when most shoes seem uncomfortable for you. Especially if they make your feet feel cramped. If this is true for you, wide width shoes can offer much needed relief. The best way to do this is to measure your feet. Your width measurement will be the broadest part of your foot, and the length measurement will be from your longest to the end of your heel. Once you have your measurements, you can review the size chart of the shoes you are interested in purchasing to find the correct width for you.

The perfect pair of women's wide width shoes will allow you to feel optimal comfort during your busy days, especially if you're an athlete, are very active, or stand all day for your job. 

Here at Shoe City, you can choose from our extensive range of women's wide width shoes. When you're searching our selection, make sure you choose a shoe that will offer you a good fit for your lifestyle. Take measurements to ensure you find the right size! 

Browse through our range of quality women's wide width shoes. We've got you covered from New Balance and Sketchers, Clarks, ASICS, and more.

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