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Men's Basketball

Men's basketball shoes were made for the game – perfect for high-impact and optimal performance. But more than that, they have become one of the most fashionable shoes for streetwear. They range from classic to cool and originally started with the canvas high tops style, putting Converse's Chuck Taylors on the map. The designs then moved on to more durable materials, including leather, bringing Nike to the forefront, becoming the go-to men's basketball shoe design. 

A basketball player is looking for good ankle support while playing the sport as the game sees a lot of sudden stop-starts and changes in direction, which puts strain on the ankles. Durability is also a top consideration, with all the hours players need to practice on the courts. And, of course, built-in cushioning will protect the feet as they bear the weight of the player's body.
But aside from their appearance on the court, they pair perfectly with a smart or casual outfit, are comfortable to wear, lightweight, and they are super stylish.

Shoe City offers a range of men's basketball shoes if you're looking for comfortable fashion-forward men's shoes. From Nike to Jordans, we've got you covered.

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